More Vette pics
Here is the Vette in Gene's garage where it sat for almost 4 years till he heard about this guy named Scarry Larry that makes house calls. Well you know Scarry couldn't pass up a chance to build a four door Vette.  Finally after a lot of welding and grinding..........
We were ready to pull it out!!!!!!  We just went around the block to see how it would ride and it was like a dream!  The pic on the right was taken from another one of Gene's cars at 70 miles an hour. No shakes and drove perfect.
Here is the car at a car show at The Detroiter Truck Stop. Expect to see this car at the Detroit Auto Rama this year with a few other of Scarry's creations.
Well Scarry was welding and caught the Vette on fire!!!! We had to pull the whole dash out, all the duct work and the wiring was burned up! I hope your not reading this Gene, We kind of haven't told him yet. He's gone on vacation!!!!!
I guess it's a good thing though, Scarry got this much done in 9 hrs. We're going to try to get the other side done before Gene gets back.