This 4 door hard top '56 Packard Patrician is a prime example of the kind of cars that we build. When this car is done it will sell for $56,000 and well as can you see from the next picture it doesn't look like this any more!!!!!!!
It is now a two door, two seater . We have chopped and shortened it a little well like 6"out the height and 2' out of the length.  It is also sitting on an '86 Olds Cutlass Supreme frame!!! With the drive train all rebuilt. The entire car has a new look.
All the chrome has been sent out to be redone. The "bullets" are 24k  gold plated. There is a knife that will be the hood ornament , there are "batlifs" that are going to be on the fender skirts in the back that will pop out.  There are knives holding up the rear view mirrors on the fender and dash.