'56 Packard
Scarry Larry and Dr B. relaxing before applying the primer.
Here are pictures of the '56 in primer. Notice how hard Dr. B is working!!!! I think he lives on that phone. There are two different primers used to remove every sanding scratch and imperfection. It's sanded with 220 then 400 before the first coat of white base coat will be sprayed.
This is the final primer coat. It will be final sanded with 400 and a white base coat will be applied, then that  will also be sanded with 1200 and then the Blue will be applied. The engine compartment was totally ground down and metal worked. The wheel wells are hand fabricated. Can you see where we put the '56 and the '86 together? Didn't think so!!!!!!  You can have this done for you too! Just bring us two cars you want blended together, and we'll do the rest. It's a lot cheaper than buying this one for $56,000. We can build you something like this for about half of that.
Here is the engine ready and waiting to go in.
Here is the underside all pretty and clean.