68 Coronet 440
Bob from Illinois owned this '68 Dodge Coronet 440. It was a rust bucket when we got it. The fenders were rotting off, the floors were gone, the trunk was a piece of plywood. But it was his childhood dream car.
The rear was not as bad as the front but it still needed some metal welded into it. The whole project was a winter housecall that cost $3,500 labor including lunch and plenty of beer!!!!!  The paint was a homemade blue candy apple. The stripes were black and silver that were painted before the rest was painted making it an inlaid stripe.
The engine was no different. It was never taken care of. We redid everything top to bottom.
When this car was done 15 yrs ago the owner was offered $10,000 but it was turned down. 10 years later it was found in Wisconsin. The paint was still as good as the day it was painted!