70 Super Bee
Here is the new project that we are working on. This is Geoff's '70 Super Bee. He just wants a new paint job, do you think that it will be orange again? Do you think that it will be a Super Bee again? You never know with Scarry!!!!!!
All the chrome is in great condition. The decals are not bad, but the car is going to be painted purple so the stickers will have to be removed.
Geoff came up to the shop the other day to see this. He was like what are you doing? I only wanted a paint job.
Well everything was taken off the car, including the interior. The whole car will be stripped down to bare metal, metal worked, the seams in the top will be leaded in, and all the underside will be redone also. Stay tuned for more pics as they're taken.
The motor has been pulled, sent out, and now the firewall can be painted.
Well here it is painted.  It was done as a favor at a $6,500 loss.