Angry Asstro
This is Don Bovitz's '90 Asstro van. The 4.3 was bored .040 over, new roller cam and lifters, new crank, double roller timing chain.
The heads were ported and polished, double valve springs and roller rockers were added. Headers and dual exaust help it breathe.
The whole computer system was removed. That's about  200 feet of wire and $1,800 worth of sensors. It was all replaced with a Edelbrock 600 cfm carb, sitting on  a stock '85 4.3L 4 barrel intake. A '85 H.E.I distributor with a Flame Thrower ignition module and coil replaced the old ignition. Well you can see the end results. The whole project cost $1,700. But you and I know that can't be the only thing going to be done to this van, Scarry Larry already has plans for the back of this one too.