The Cadlin
Here is another one of Scarry Larry's babies! He took a '90 Lincoln Town Car and put a '37 Cadillac on this one.
Here are pictures of the side view. This car will sell for $50,000 when complete. So far we have spent about 6 wks on it. We can build you one too. Just bring us two cars and we will build you a one of a kind car. Check out our Pricelist to see how much it will cost to build you a car. If you have a car and want it changed we can get parts too. just E-mail us and we can talk.
Here you see we have the grill and started on the headlights. It is a slow process.
Here is Scarry Larry with the front end just the way he wants it. See how happy Scarry is !!!!!!!!!
As you can see, we're working on getting it ready to finish the body work. Now all we need to do is get the top made and paint it and it's ready!!!!!