This is a beauty! The Packlin is the brain storm of Scarry Larry. He took a '76 Lincoln Town Car and added a Army issue '42 Packard front and rear end on it.  Behind the grill are the turn signals, one red light, and one blue light. Machine gun muzzle brakes with turn signals for fire flash are under the hideaway headlights. 
As you can see from the back, it really has a personality of its own. The fender skirts are removable for access to the tires. The interior is all black leather. It's so dark inside you need lights on in the day to see your hand, so privacy is not a problem. The top is custom done by Scarry Larry  he does all his leather and cloth repairs. There's nothing that he doesn't do himself.
The motor is a high performance 460. The ammo is all live (we have been kicked out of shows for it) and goes with the car. Everything is chromed top to bottom. The entire drive train is entirely rebuilt. No expense is too much for perfection!!!! This car has been in shows from Florida to Michigan and won numerous awards. And just remember all cars are for sale. This one is only $24,000. Just think  you too can have a show car! We can build you a car like this, just bring us a car or two and for about $6,000 or so you can have a car like this. Check out our Price list to see how much it will cost to do a job like this.