Rust In Pieces Artwork
Bill Jones is an artist in River Rouge, Michigan that has amazed thousands with his artwork at the Detroit Autorama this year and now has a brand new web site for his work. Please enjoy your stay and by all means feel free to e-mail him if you are interested in buying any of the artwork or want something different . He has more and we will put more of the pictures on here as we get them. 
This Skeleton Driver sells for $800 and is one of the many creations of Bill Jones. All the work is one of a kind and can be made again but just not quite the same a few different parts but still the same ideas.
This Blown Ghoul Road Freak is sure to turn a few heads in your front lawn and could be yours for $2,300!!!!! Weighs about 600 pounds so no one is going to walk away with this one.
How about a Garage Guard like this fellow here? Who do you think will rob your place with a guy like this watching out!!! At 3 1/2 ft tall it sells for around $1,800.
This Dragon weighs in at a whopping 500 pounds it's hammer heads, ax heads  saw blades and a whole lot of other tools used to build this one. One like this goes for around $2,800.
This ship is a beautiful site. It sells for $1,980. It is about 2 feet high.
This rocking chair is made entirely out of steel chains and a giant gear for the back, and sells for $2,800 Just think you will never have to buy lawn furniture again.
This fireplace would be a nice addition to any patio and Bill can make one for you for around $1,600
Here is the link to Bills' e-mail
Or if you don't have outlook express it's